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The herbal chemical category has its own unique architectural and production structure, Begin to understand the chemicals, herbal chemicals are part of the chemical life. Artemisinin is an example of an anti-malarial compound found in plants. Phytochemistry is a discipline in the interaction of biomedical sciences with chemicals related to the identification and research of chemicals found in plants. Phytochemistry is actually a study of phytochemicals. These are chemical compounds that are found naturally in plants.

Quality and Selection of Chemicals:

Selection of chemical markers in Mansoor Chemicals is important in controlling the quality of herbal medicines, including the authenticity of varieties, high-quality raw material harvesting, harvest management testing, intermediate testing, and finished products, and risk detection. of toxic ingredients. However, in many therapies, the therapeutic components are not yet fully defined or easily monitored. Bioactive components, features, key, interactive, related, toxic, and general components can be selected. This article reviews the effective use of chemical markers in regulating the quality of traditional medicine, including selected methods that consider the roles and physicochemical properties that may contribute to the effective use of chemical markers.

In Mansoor Chemicals, Synergistic components do not contribute to therapeutic effects or directly related bioactivities. However, they act in harmony to strengthen the bioactivities of other nutrients, thereby correcting the therapeutic effects of herbal medicines. Synergistic components can be used as chemical markers for quality and quantity testing.

The overall quality of herbal medicine can be influenced by many factors, including seasonal changes in structure and determination of cleanliness. Systematic research using chemical markers may lead to the discovery and development of new chemical compounds.

Active Ingredients:

We, Mansoor chemicals provide some of the active ingredients and are widely distributed in various herbal remedies, attracting more attention in recent years. To date, 168 species of herbs are part of the 58th genus, and 24 families are reported to have, among them, Calophyllum, Cratoxylum, Cudrania, Garcinia, Gentiana, Hypericum, and Swertia genera are the most promising plant sources for development. . Our expert team is very focused on Fairtrade and the ongoing processes for finding solutions in Pakistan. Therefore, we present a wide range of medicinal plants, cooking spices, essential oils, and natural sciences that bring new ideas to fruition.

Research and Testings:

In the next step, it was investigated whether the differences between the analyzed researchers, because the analyzed drugs of the drug belonged to a different plant variety, were significant. For example, the level of Fe is very different from the herbs from Polygon acicular herbal and all other botanical plants. As noted in other metals and their soluble forms, this difference was significant, as was the overall flavonoid content. these are all great research done by our great researchers and experts.


The Mansoor chemical team works diligently and intelligently, all chemicals are thoroughly researched in the process of storage and maintenance, and the chemicals are first tested and then work to make good and quality chemical products. we, Mansoor Chemicals believe in smart work and careful research so as not to supply harmful chemicals, In Pakistan, we have achieved a good position as a chemical supplier known as a high-quality company.