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Mansoor Chemicals supplies the most comprehensive and agile chemical laboratory testing solutions. We empower labs & enterprises to provide the best and most efficient chemical testing services and to take charge of their populations’ health. Armed with the best-in-class chemical lab testing software for chemical and reaction health management, winning new clients and expanding existing business is a no-brainer.

We take care of the complexity so our clients can get simplicity. Our easy setup of multiple lab testing programs and workflows, health policies, populations, automation rules, and personalized engagement journeys distinguishes us from the competitors. Utilizing exceptional lab testing workflow & user engagement, process automation, and informative dashboards lets our clients focus on their professional work with minimal overhead and disruption. We ensure the safety procedures of chemical reactions through safe lab testing, employees, students, staff, and visitors, by managing their tests, and health status consistent with health programs and policies.

Regardless of our client’s chemical organization’s size and operations volume, the service can be live and running within days. We strive for nothing less than exceptional in our lab testing services to our clients and in the design of our solutions. We believe in solutions that make our customers’ lives easier and better. We’re here to help healthcare deliver the same easy, seamless, integrated experience consumers have come to know and expect from their lab testing and process experiences. We ask a lot of questions and continually challenge the status quo to find new ways to improve our chemical lab testing services to solve the most difficult business problems of our clients. Moreover, we love client feedback, and hold ourselves accountable every step of the way with these procedures. We ensure our services maintain top quality with inspections involving incoming quality control (IQC), in process quality control (IPQC)/during production (DUPRO), finished quality control (FQC) and Non-destructive testing.

Every minute of every day, our pre-tested, ready-to-run chemical lab testing procedures, validated testing methods, and trained expertise is aimed at helping our clients all the way.  Our services will improve the sensitivity, accuracy, and speed of their analytical routine laboratory testing, and stay a step ahead of the challenges of this complex market. For so many years, we’ve provided extraordinary services and specialized testing expertise to the medical device, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries. Our reliable quality, responsive attention, and on-schedule completion for packaging, product and materials testing secure confidence in performance and safety while achieving regulatory compliance in the chemical industry. It is our job to ensure the safety and efficacy of the chemical products that have been carefully crafted by our clients and will be used by their customers. That is why, before these products are sold on shelves, product testing by panelists helps to collect real-time data and honest opinions that will be used to produce the highest quality chemical product possible. We are actively recruiting panelists to help us test products and receive compensation for their time in every way possible.