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Pharma Medicine Box Packaging

Mansoor Chemicals is a company that manufactures special contracts and packaging based in Pakistan and operates throughout Pakistan. We have designed detailed and interesting packaging for its products and its unique packaging is delivered to our top customers, we are competent contractors who can technically meet the requirements of our company/business. We can consider many types of custom mixing projects, our skills include injectable packaging, tablet packaging, and another basic packaging.

Detailed Packaging:

As one of Pakistan’s leading packaging suppliers, Mansoor Chemicals offers all design and packaging services under one roof. If our customers need custom or injectable packaging, they can rely on our team of experienced package design designers and supply professionals. We usually supply chemical product packages to many industries, including food, electronics, cosmetics, medical, hardware, and automotive. If our customers choose us to be their packaging suppliers, they can expect customer service at the appropriate boutique level with pre-priced prices.


With the latest automated in-house labeling machines, Mansoor Chemical can label your labels accurately and uniformly ensuring that each bottle looks the same when displayed at a retail location.

Mansoor Chemicals has been providing chemical packaging services to the chemical industry for more than 20 years and can provide well-designed packages with all the necessary national, state, and national labeling requirements.

Whether you need a custom chemical package or a standard industrial package, our packaging solutions provide safe, reliable storage and transport of highly flexible and cost-effective chemicals.

Due to the high demand from customers, Mansoor chemicals always pack large quantities of high-quality and other pure chemicals in popular sizes. We pack and ship our liquid chemicals in bottles, cans, drums, carboys, or totes, and our dry chemicals are packed in containers, pears, boxes, drums, or bags.

Between our automated filling machines and our customized processes, you can rely on Mansoor chemicals or all of your liquid or dry chemical packaging needs.

Injectable packaging:

At Mansoor Chemicals, we do our packing for various containers and storage devices such as molded glass, tubular glass containers, rubber and lid, flip of seal, pre-filled glass syringe ampoules, plastic syringes, plastic vials, and containers of plastic. These are all injection packages used by our experts in high quality packaging.

Tablet Packaging:

One of the reasons why many customers trust the design of their tablets is because of our strict standards. We only get the best deals from our vendors. This ensures that your pills do not change and are of very high quality. Our production facility has a selection of integrated pills, tablets, and powder types of pills. So you can find your choice during the whole process.

Under the guidance of our professional packaging rods, tablet packaging is our most important responsibility and it is the highest quality packaging that keeps our company using some of the quality packaging materials such as Alu Alu foil, aluminum blister foil, triplex foil, sachet foil, tropical foil, paper foil, multilayer foil. These are the best tablet packaging materials for Mansoor chemicals.

Alternative and Basic Packaging:

Our basic packaging materials are also packed under supervision and staff of high quality, packaging is a very important part of our business we provide solutions in every way ensuring our customers are satisfied with each and every one of our distribution. We use glass tubes, children’s proof caps, Ropp caps, plastic caps, packaging markers, plastic bottles made of plastic and much more. There are also some basic packages packed under quality sticks at Mansoor Chemicals.

Our goal is to produce high-quality Pakistani products for our customers, using environmentally friendly and easy-to-use materials available. We can provide you with your production and packaging requirements, no matter how big or small the work is. Mansoor Chemical Ltd is a company that specializes in specialty contracts and packaging based in Pakistan. We produce a wide variety of products for various industries such as adhesives, industrial products, automotive products, and agricultural products.