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Sweetener Manufacturers

Mansoor Chemicals is a professional chemical service provider with high quality sweeteners. Our Research and Development Team focuses on sweet technology research and has applied for more than 100 related patents. In the chemical industry, we want to meet the optimum standard of sweetener products through formula technology to achieve sugar, calorie, and fat reduction of health needs.

Some of the sweetener categories are Stevioside which is a high purity natural sweet extract from stevia. Stevia is a sweetener that has been used in food products around the world for hundreds of years. The second one is Sucralose which is the only functional sweetener using sucrose as raw material, no heat, pure sweet taste, and is approved by the FDA authority.

Our expertise has good specialization in high-quality sweeteners presented in a variety of forms. We meet the highest product standards, have an excellent knowledge of the local markets and have been collaborating with leading chemical industry partners for many years. With our coordination of marketing and sales of sweeteners that is based nationwide, our expertise lies in developing innovative ingredients that reflect evolving dietary trends and have the same irresistible taste and experience that consumers know and love. Hence, we have gained knowledge that is helping the world’s top chemical companies launch new products.

Our exceptional employees and an exemplary regulatory record mean we can do the best for our clients. Furthermore, this has led our flow chemistry service solutions and developed multiple platforms and processes in the supply of high-quality sweeteners. The resulting mastery of “end-to-end” continuous flow supply allows our team of specialized scientists and engineers to fabricate new reactors and develop robust processes to match quality requirements. These solutions offer customers and clients multiple advantages including improved safety and efficiency, space savings, increased production capacity, and paired with quality.

To date, Mansoor Chemicals have developed platforms for process screening, equipment especially designed for process validation that results in the highest quality of sweeteners. Applying these advances, we’ve been able to easily judge supply flow feasibility, transfer new technology, and scale-up applications quickly. As an experienced chemical sales firm, we have developed time-tested processes and procedures to optimize supply of quality sweeteners at each stage. With our strong and diverse infrastructure, we can quickly provide the most efficient solution to commercialize our products. We believe collaborative relationships are the key to mutual success and make that partnership a cornerstone of our own growth strategy. We give a welcome to our clients and partners to visit on-site and observe their processes being run.

From process development and validation to tech transfers and scale-up, we are the chemical firm that can be trusted to get the job done with expertise and experience.  As part of our extensive development and supply service offerings, we use advanced technologies and innovative solutions to efficiently supply compliant and quality sweeteners that includes quality ones such as Sugar, Sucralose, Sorbitol Powder, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Cyclamate, and Neotame etc. We occupy a unique and knowledgeable position within the sweetener market with an industry heritage since decades. The applied expertise of the Mansoor Chemical team supplies a diverse range of sweetener products with variations of texture, color and taste for baking, brewing, confectionery, and pharmaceutical applications. Raw materials of sweeteners are sourced from certified suppliers.