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Sourced from the network of trusted quality natural herbs, Mansoor Chemicals stocks and serves numerous botanicals. With our extensive range of raw material in bulk, we set the bars of high quality, distinctive herbal products, blends, and other distilled spirits composing an array of therapeutic products as well. Our herbal stocks are infused into the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical raw materials, cosmetic manufacturing, active pharmaceutical ingredients etc.

Our team of expertise highly focuses on Fairtrade and sustainable herb sourcing procedures in Pakistan. Hence, we pose diversified knowledge of medicinal plants, culinary spices, essential oils and organic agriculture that induces fresh ideas to flourish. Our herbal line aims to set legally binding standards, preventing pollution and ban the consumption of herbicides and artificial fertilizers. We focus on blending, hygienic packaging and premium consolidation services.

We are fully committed team that ensures a happy and supportive workplace. Therefore, we are dedicated to build a genuine atmosphere with a strong commitment to positive health and annual profit share scheme. Moreover, our herbal line ensures to be sustainable in the long term, attracting the attention of venture capitalists any time soon and earn surplus to progress for meaningful re-investments in the future. We source the most trusted quality botanicals, herbs, extracts and plant-related naturals that are backed up with our deep and long experience.

Apart from our extensive range of pharmaceutical raw materials and chemicals, our highly skilled expertise assure that only the best is served with our exceptional customer services.