Suite No. 401, 4th Floor Wind Song Place, 16-17, Block 7 & 8, K.C.H.S.U. Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi-75400, Pakistan

Oil Manufacturing

Mansoor chemicals has dedicated itself to a large production of oil and derivatives with a massive scale of tonnes across Pakistan. Our chemical manufacturing footprint has led an access to oil manufacturing with other chemicals in bulk. This has resulted in us getting closer ties with refineries and upstream operations as part of an integrated energy group.

Our oil and other derived products are served to petrochemical and intermediaries for sale in bulk to other chemical industries in Pakistan. Our major focus is based on building block chemicals that are used for pharma manufacturing, active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing, and cosmetic manufacturing, nutraceutical products, solvents and other additives. As a firm with principles of responsive care, we are committed to manage the risks that are associated with our daily operations, activities and products. With the mission of delivering continuous health improvement, we carry out procedures that are safe, secure and environmental-friendly. Hence, we integrate principles of sustainable development into our chemical business activities.

We offer our customers a range of commercial sales channels, for instance our own direct sales team, distributors of small quantity of our products and through e-channels. Moreover, we serve customers with our exceptional logistic network. With our entry in the chemical industry for years now, we have played a major part in the growth of sector across Pakistan while developing some key manufacturing processes.

We are focused to establish our manufacturing bases on integrated sites in strategic locations where our chemical production, aromatics and key intermediaries can take place.