Suite No. 401, 4th Floor Wind Song Place, 16-17, Block 7 & 8, K.C.H.S.U. Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi-75400, Pakistan

Sweetener Manufacturers

Mansoor chemicals deliver chemical raw materials to sweetening industries that are used in a variety of well-established brands. We tailor premium services to ensure quality and establishment of an uncomplicated supply that is based on effective cost analysis. Apart from Active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharma manufacturing and cosmetic raw materials, we integrate R&D, sweetening chemicals and productions.

We boasts a team of professional talents that are engaged in chemical management. Production, R&D, trade and other technical procedures. We implement and strictly exercise supervision, control and operation over every link of our chemical production, keeping in mind the maintenance of social responsibility, employee health, environmental protection and product quality.

Through many years of chemical experience, we set up our own procurement team to engage in chemical raw materials, their supplies and distribution through various channels. With our thoughtful services to our customers, high quality APIs , competitive prices and professional talent team, we have grown into a wide chemical group with business activities covering dozens of other categories.

We have grown with an aim to opt for more opportunities and face competitive challenges in the future. Hence, we make unremitting efforts with more innovative and pragmatic attitude with the vision to work with people of all circles at home and abroad to seek progressive development. We allow quick fulfilment of shipments efficiently across Pakistan, serving timely stocks when it is required. Moreover, our on-site and purpose-built warehouse holds hundreds of products across thousands of pallet spaces. Hence, it is a state-of-the-art that showcases our commitment to business.