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Mansoor Chemicals is a renowned chemical industry that serves food, beverages, and confectionary supply and packaging services, competitive pricing, and industry-leading expertise. We are uniquely positioned to meet our manufacturer’s needs for quality, scalability, and supply capacity for canned, kegged, or bottled beverages, food, and confectionery products. A constantly increasing demand for product supply as the population rises, the chemical supply market is as competitive as ever, requiring the ability to adjust as market expectations develop.

We’re able to supply as efficiently as possible whilst complying with the highest quality standards making this environment one of the most challenging. The initial base products differ hugely from solid to liquid, so our expertise care is required throughout the supplying process through to distribution. Ingredients requiring different temperature control, traceability, mix, and measure demands delicate accuracy achieved with very precise instrumentation of the raw material acquired for food, beverages, and confectionery.

Mansoor Chemicals provide an extensive portfolio of renowned chemical industry products, we can service individual client part requirements to large critical stock agreements on and off site. Our on-going supply of chemical material project support as well as fully integrated solutions offer the adaptability and efficiency required. Our expertise is committed to providing safe, quality food, beverages, and confectionery products that meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We achieve this through rigorous compliance, third party certifications, QC/QA procedures, and validated sanitation programs. Furthermore, we ensure a quality culture at all stages of the chemical supply chain.

Mansoor Chemicals is one of the largest chemical suppliers in Pakistan. We have been delivering a sweet experience to our customers for decades. Our products include Citric Acid Anhydrous, Yeast Extract Powder, Citric Acid, Mono Yeast Extract, Folic Acid, Yeast Extract Powder, Fumaric Acid, Yeast Extract Powder, Glycerin, Dried Yeast Inactive, Gum Base, Protein Hydrolysate Liquid, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Protein Hydrolysate, Lactose, Anhydrous Protein Hydrolysate Liquid, Malic Acid, Protein Hydrolysate Liquid, Maltitol Maltodextrin, Malt Extract, Menthol, Potassium Citrate Skimmed Milk Powder, Maltose etc.

We are always putting our clients first, our team of dedicated account representatives makes their contract experience an enjoyable one, assisting them through every step of the process and addressing any needs as they arise.

Our team of certified and experienced technicians is ready to turn our manufacturer’s beverage, food, and confectionary idea into reality. We are teamed up with superior chemists and Registered Safe Quality Food Practitioners to get the answers they need during development. Our work continues even after supplying, with our fully equipped bottling and packaging services. Our manufacturers always call upon us to solve their most complex business and supply challenges that help customers meet the stringent requirements and challenges of the chemical industry Revolution

Moreover, we understand the importance of the packaging, not only to the manufacturing process of food, beverages, and confectionery, but to the promotion and protection of the brand and the entire enterprise.